Greetings from the week after KASF 2022!

We had a beautiful day in Mebane, North Carolina. The activities ranged all over — from a Rare Book Room in a quiet room where people could go and gasp at finds they’ve never seen in-person before, to the Performing Arts Room where poetry reigned supreme and dancing was taught and enjoyed by many, to a Room With A View where people could go and have pictures taken in a more period-looking setting than the relaxed gymnasium that welcomed us for the event proper. There were over thirty displays of beautiful work set up to showcase the amazing artisans of Atlantia in Open Display. There was only one Pentathlon entry, but it was so deep and well-crafted that it was noted in Court that each entry was a strong, solid entry in its own right. If you missed it, well — you missed out!

Lord Ciaran mac Breandain was recognized as a member of the Order of the Laurel for his brewing. Master Hagar the Black was recognized as a member of the Order of the Pelican for his many years of service as a Herald. The Kingdom Baker and Kingdom Brewers passed their titles on to Lady Lucrezia Sarta di Napoli and Baroness Delecta D’Averno, respectively. Each competition was beautifully presented and deliciously welcomed by the judges. Vivat to our new Kingdom Champions!

All in all it was a great day of joy. Courtesy and kindness abounded, and everyone present was so glad to see each other, in many cases after long absence. If you were there, it was so good to see you. If you were not, know that you were missed and remain in our hearts as we all start to consider the next event we’ll attend.

With love and in service to Atlantia,

-Your (mostly-fighter) KASF staff

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