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Most Recent Articles

  • Korean Tea
    by Wol Bi China and Japan have cornered the market on the Western imagination of Eastern Tea Culture. So much so that The True History of Tea1has chapters for China, Japan, Russia and Europe, but three mentions2 in passing of “oh, there is tea in Korea too”. Despite this oversight, Korea has a long and varied practice…
  • Korean Tea Desserts
    다례 한과 Written by Ha Su Jin Daegam (THL) Hangwa is the term used for traditional Korean cookies or sweets. The origin of hangwa can be traced back to the Silla Dynasty (57BC to 935 AD). During the Goryeo Dynasty (918AD to 1392AD), hangwa started to gain popularity with more desserts being introduced. This increase…
  • Vigil Planning for Students and Dependents
    Magistra Beatriz talks about planning vigils for dependents and students from the perspective of a Peer.
  • Electronic A&S Documentation, Display, & More
    By Doña Mariana Ruiz de Medina One of the beauties of The Oak in its electronic form is that it brings so much more accessibility in the world of online and digital A&S. The Oak wants to encourage as many people to participate in A&S as possible and to that end, The Editor hopes this…
  • The Big Art History Behind a Big Scroll
    Curious how the study of art history can deepen both scrollwork and the wider SCA experience? Check out our newest article, where Hlāford Bran Mydwynter discusses his thorough and thoughtful writeup of Meisterin Kolfinna Valravn’s Laurel scroll.
  • Interchangeable Components of Late 15th Century English Bonnets
    By Aymée Jocelyne of Bright Hills Executive Summary I built a round bonnet, a pointed bonnet, and a gabled bonnet, from the reign of Henry VII.  I built the bonnets out of separate components, and then assembled them with pins.  This allows me to swap the various components and obtain dramatically different looks with only…
  • Spoon Carving
    by Lady Ava Deinhardt (MKA Hannah Wells) The Process: From Billet to Spoon Materials Used:  Hand strength and knife safety are crucial for the hand carving process. For safety, I recommend carving wearing a pair of cut-proof gloves; they drastically reduce the chance for most slip injuries. Maintaining sharp edges on all carving tools is…
  • We’re all in this together: Ethical Research and Documentation for SCAdians
    By The Honorable Lady Gwenhwyfar Weale Since joining the SCA I’ve come to realize that one of the most fraught topics in the Arts and Sciences community revolves around how to effectively research and communicate findings with others through competition, display, and publication. It is my intention to provide you, dear reader, with some thoughts…
  • A brief history of western cryptography through the Middle Ages
     By Melchior zum grauen Wolf, OP  (mka Kevin Baun)  Alberti cipher. (2024, January 9). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alberti_cipher  The Oxford dictionary defines the word cipher as “a secret or disguised way of writing”. A cipher  is overt, it doesn’t try to hide that it is a cipher. The job of a cipher isn’t to disguise information …
  • Outfitting an Equine (namely Bingo: The Clothes Horse)
    by Epy Pengelly, Armiger Photo by Tim Baird At the Barony of Stierbach’s Holiday Faire 2023, The Honorable Lady Arielle de Pontoise taught an edifying class “The Elegant Equine: Garbing Your Horse with Style”. THL Arielle has been in the SCA for over 30 years, and has made about a dozen different outfits for various…

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