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  • Greetings from the week after KASF 2022!
    We had a beautiful day in Mebane, North Carolina. The activities ranged all over — from a Rare Book Room in a quiet room where people could go and gasp at finds they’ve never seen in-person before, to the Performing Arts Room where poetry reigned supreme and dancing was taught and enjoyed by many, to…
  • Atlantian Twelfth Night Lyrics
    By Elizabeth de Spaldyng (Tune – The Gloucestershire Wassail – Trad.) Come good gentles allFrom far and near,Honor your kingdomThis joyous new year,Your table shall gleamWith glass and fine plate,Your garments the richestThat you can create. Refrain:At Twelfth Night, At Twelfth NightCome one and come all,Take a partner and danceAt the grand Twelfth Night ball,Dress…
  • Barony of Hidden Mountain Lyrics
    In the South of Our Kingdom, fair by the sea,A Great Hidden Mountain, forever will be. Great Deeds are done there, in this fine barony,Of Arms, Arts, and Sciences, and Page Academy. Coil baskets, wax tablets, and fine cutlery;Wood carving, steel forging, the trav’ler will see. Simon de Spaldying, at Ymir, AS LVI
  • Mistress Rosalind Jehanne’s Anglo-Saxon Persona Challenge
    The Oak (TO): How did you get started in the SCA? Mistress Rosalind (MR): I was a Tolkien fan, and always loved the language of the Rohirrim. I also was involved in our local community theater, as a backstage and makeup assistant. One of our leading men saw a Festival in the Park demo in…
  • Lord Simon de Spaulding’s Swiss-German Persona Challenge
    Lord Simon’s Persona Challenge entry can be viewed here: https://voyagesthroughtimeblog.wordpress.com/?frame-nonce=592888ff0c The Oak (TO): How did you get started in the SCA? Lord Simon (LS): I was aware of the SCA from its inception in 1966, thanks to a full-page article in The San Francisco Chronicle on that first tournament in Tilden Park.  I remember seeing…
  • The Unique Skills and Work of the Medieval Surveyor
    By Křišťan Věstonice of Moravia Introduction One important element of SCA arts and sciences that may not be intuitively known or understood is the role of a surveyor and the surveyor’s value to medieval society.  Surveyors existed in the Middle Ages; they were guild members given legal sanction as approved agents for their work by…

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