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Most Recent Articles

  • Poetry Challenge: Haiku Compilation
    Lady Elizabeth de Spaulding (named Poeta Atlantia at Ruby Joust 2023) issued a challenge to the populace of Atlantia and they rose in force to compose haiku. Below are many of those compositions, in alphabetical order by first name of the submitter.
  • Ode to Commius
    By Anubh na Preachain, 2020 (spelling of name changed to Anauved de Mona in 2022) (Jump to the Documentation below) Commius comes to Albion and GaulCommius sees us, Germans, Celts, and Romans all Commius, on coins in the handCommius, on minds and heartsYou think you know who is us or them butYou can’t always tell…
  • Historical Origins of the Shot Put
    By THL Tegan of Anglesey, Collegiate Shot Putter If you’re looking for a historical sport to integrate into your household’s medieval athletic games look no further than the shot put. Tegan in 1993 (Common Sense Newspaper, T.S. Wootton High School): The shot put has been in the modern Olympic Games since it first debuted in…
  • A Silk Embroidered Spanish Almspurse
    by Helena Kassandreia, MKA Jessica Gebhard, Shire of Roxbury Mill  Introduction In the pre-pocket era, purses were a common means of carrying around money and small, precious items. Depending on the wealth and whims of the owner, they could be anything from simple and utilitarian to extravagantly ornamented, up to and including the incorporation of…
  • Pas de Deux: Spring Coronation 2023 Equestrian Challenge
    by Epy Pengelly, Armiger (they/them) A couple courting and hawking, from the Maastricht Hours, Netherlands (Liège), 1st quarter of the 14th century, Stowe MS 17, f. 243r, https://www.bl.uk/manuscripts/Viewer.aspx?ref=stowe_ms_17_fs001r At Unevent 2022, the Atlantian equestrian marshals discussed how to bring more spectators to equestrian, make it more participatory for audiences, and how to generally work on…
  • The Nine Worthies Revisited
    by Deirdre O’Siodhachain (Terry Sheehan) This article originally appeared in The Oak #8. It has been revised and dated April 8, 2023. A roasted peacock dressed with its feathers is served at a banquet, miniature of a manuscript of The Romance of Alexander the Great (“The Vows of the Peacock”). Mid-15th c. Le Livre des conquêtes et…

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