On the Road

by Herrin Clara Hutmacher Herrin Clara is a Pearl of diverse arts living in the “shire of wonders,” Roxbury Mill. She is mostly known for making large late-period German hats….

Poetry Challenge: Anything But a Haiku

For our second Summer Poetry Challenge, the Poeta Atlantia challenged Atlantians to write poetry that was NOT a haiku. Below are some submitted poems. Travelling North to Pennsic by Lord…

Poetry Challenge: Haiku Compilation

Lady Elizabeth de Spaulding (named Poeta Atlantia at Ruby Joust 2023) issued a challenge to the populace of Atlantia and they rose in force to compose haiku. Below are many of those compositions, in alphabetical order by first name of the submitter.

Ode to Commius

By Anubh na Preachain, 2020 (spelling of name changed to Anauved de Mona in 2022) (Jump to the Documentation below) Commius comes to Albion and GaulCommius sees us, Germans, Celts,…