On the Road

by Herrin Clara Hutmacher

Herrin Clara is a Pearl of diverse arts living in the “shire of wonders,” Roxbury Mill. She is mostly known for making large late-period German hats.

A cinquain for the “anything but a haiku” challenge. Examples of cinquains can be found in many European languages, and the origin of the form dates back to medieval French poetry.

On the Road



King and Queen travel north

To Pennsic with brave fighters and 

Fine art

Housebook of Wolfegg Castle, Fold-out drawing of an army, (fol. 51v–52r1), c. 1470-1480, accessed July 17, 2023, https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Hausbuch_Wolfegg_51v_52r1_Heerzug.jpg.

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