Poetry Challenge: Anything But a Haiku

For our second Summer Poetry Challenge, the Poeta Atlantia challenged Atlantians to write poetry that was NOT a haiku. Below are some submitted poems.

An orange sun sets behind a field of grass. The sky above the sunset is beginning to turn darker and bluer.
Image from the Old Farmer’s Almanac

Travelling North to Pennsic by Lord Aleksandr Tomasovic of the Barony of Hawkwood

About the author: Hello! My name is Lord Aleksandr Tomasovic, and I am a 13th Century Kievan Rus Druzhina, and Cadet to Baron Cataldo Querini. I mostly focus on fighting on the Rapier field, and have only recently even made an attempt at composing poetry.

I’ve travelled to Hawkwood from Hellsgate,

I’ve fought in many wars past.

I’ll travel north to Pennsic,

This war shall not be my last.

I’ll fight for my Baron and Baroness,

I’ll fight for honor and fame.

I’ll travel north to Pennsic,

So that people will learn my name.

I’ll take to the fields and the castle,

I’ll meet friends, old and new.

I’ll travel north to Pennsic,

And tie on a scarf of blue.

But there’s more to wars than just fighting,

There are classes and courts and more.

I’ll travel north to Pennsic,

And spend time with people I adore.

At the end of the tenday we’ll travel,

Back to Hawkwood our home.

I’ll travel south from Pennsic,

Back to Hawkwood my home.

Dance with Aoife on the Summer Solstice by Lady Anauved de Mona of the Barony of Ponte Alto

Note: this is a beat poem, feel free to wear a medieval beanie and snap your fingers.

About the author: Anauved de Mona makes birch bark hats, does bardic and dabbles in fiber arts. She will blather about coins and feasting in the British Iron Age if you give her half a chance. She used to do other things, including dance. You can reach her at monika.townsend@gmail.com or look at her website: https://sites.google.com/view/anauved-de-mona/home

The torches make it dusk-bright

The grove stands close tight

We kick and sweep the world away

Till we leap inside the outside screen

Neither flesh nor weapon

But the space between.

I follow the broom who knows the way

Sun-wise on the woad road hey–

Flame beats, leaf beats, dirt-under-feet beats

Your deer dress

Is shredded white light

From here out waning

I am deep blue

The encroaching shadow

(and gaining)

In the dark I crouch

Mark your moves

And match them

We cup up

Midsummer night in our hands

Strands of light pooling in

Deep swirls on my chest

Quick flashing on your bright flesh

So hot I hiss

And we curl

Close enough to kiss but

In the end it’s about the drum

And the way dark comes

Slow from the heart of light

Our hearth is the sun’s cousin

So we throw all the grove gave us there.

Snack: Teeth sink in meat then

The tear in truetime mends

The camp bends back around us

Solstice so.

Farewell, the cycle of Abuse by Mevanou verch Reys Yriskynit of the Barony of Tir-y-Don

About the author: Transplanted to Atlantian soil in 2015, Happily finding fertile ground to grow in.

How sad it is

That you Broke our Alliance and put it on my shoulders.

That you threw me into the Fire, saying it was me at fault.

That you lay it on my front stoop, when it was you that birthed it.

You at fault, yet my burden to repair all?

I say Farewell and let slip the harness of your Wagon,

I say Farewell and throw off the Hood and Jess that made me your falcon,

I say Farewell and break this cycle of your abuse!


Calor Aestatis Urget Me (Summer’s Heat Oppresses Me) by Ollaimh Ruaidhri an Cù of the Shire of Roxbury Mill

About the author: Ollaimh Ruaidhri has a penchant for the bad Latin of his inspiration William Dunbar. Those who find him should have an empty cup and time to spend.

What fulsome merriment it brings

When snow melts and bud from bough springs

But when bud turns to leaf, I flee.

Calor aestatis urget me.

By inner wall I make my bed

And ‘gainst cool stones press burning head.

I leave the fields to fly and bee,

Calor aestatis urget me.

The young folk stroll ‘neath summer sun

Simmering, seeking sport and fun,

Then go to lie under a tree.

Calor aestatis urget me.

But I have summers seen, three score

And heat and sweat hold no allure,

Great Sol and I do not agree.

Calor aestatis urget me.

And so I wait, until from skies

The sun has fled and full moonrise.

Her light is fair and lets me see.

Calor aestatis urget me.

In gentle night I laugh and play,

Without the burdens brought by day.

Beloved Nox has set me free.

Calor aestatis urget me.

War by Lady Umm Samin bint Asad al-Isfahaniyya of the Barony of Hidden Mountain

About the author: This is a form of Japanese poetry called Tanka, meaning short song. I learned it whole living in Japan some years ago. I have lived in several countries, and each has taught me something new about life. If you would like to see more anout this form of poetry you can contact me at salachappy@gmail or look at some documentation I have for it. I have also illustrated it. https://www.getting-my-medieval-on.com/tanka-poem-barony-of-hidden-mountain/

Dark and ominous, the war comes thundering down, Heroes born that night. Cherry blossoms in the breeze, I hide my sorrowful face

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